How to crack Havij Pro

How to use havij pro

This is for learning purposes only and i ain't responsible for anything you do this should be used for testing security on your website to stop it from being hacked yourself

Windows operating system
Havij setup file
Internet Explorer or firefox,chrome,opera or rockmelt
8MB free space on your hard disk

How To Use Havij SQL Injection Tool

1) Download From Here.,(RAR PASSWORD="nurka") Run the program and paste the vulnerable link in target box.

2) Before you paste your target in this target as got to be vunerable otherwise this isnt going to work and must be SQL vunerable i will also make a tutorial on how to find if the website is SQL vunerable usually if you find the website is vunerable you will need to find a page on the website which as a little number on the end for example mine is id=205 this is you injection now you should click on analyze next to your target site

3) It would start sending feedback and messages, show some patience and wait for about a minute!


4) Then move to another operation, goto tables and wait for 5minutes until this operation has finished.

5) After finding tables, click on to users for admin password and also be sure to click get the columns!

    6) Now tick username and password, and click get data.

   7) Yes! Got the Id and password as you can see below, now we just need to crack the hashes.

   8) Now we have to paste the hash into md5 hash menu for crack.

9) Finally you can see below, we have cracked the password through havij.

10) Now we can control the webpage by entering id and password easily.

Thanx for reading a easy tutorial wrote by Kevin Nurka (Kn Developers)


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